I am a 3rd Generation Psychic medium.

My readings, energy work bring insight and Guidance with past-present-near future...

Each session brings greater clarity and a sense of well-being. Working with the mind, body, spirit


  With over 40 years experience serving clients

worldwide. My training was playing cards and a variety of healing


I have helped with Deepak Chopra workshops

for many years. My background is Nutrition,

Jungian Psychology, Reiki practitioner,

Certifications in aromatherapy and massage.

   It has been my life's mission and purpose to help assist and uplift others through change.

We are in wonderful times for you to better understand yourself..physicists know how this instantaneous connectedness works.

Be in a place to understand others and see clearly how are thoughts, feelings, and actions

affect the whole in coincidences....

  Once we associate ourselves with higher consciousness we become associated with higher frequency and greater coherency..

Thus manifesting our desires...

You can make appointment in person,

phone, zoom and messenger..I will also be serving Florida this summer 2022.

 I look forward to meeting you and being of service to share my gifts to help assist you.

- Namaste, Debra Lynn



  • Services: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Guided Meditation, Life Coaching, Tarot Card Readings, Palmistry, Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance.
  • Abilities: Natural Healer, Mystic, Intuitive, Clairaudient, & Empath.
  • Topics: Relationships, Career, Finances, Love Life, Mental/Emotional Healing, Spiritual Healing & More.
  • Tools: NLP, Tarot Cards, Herbs, & Oracle Cards
  • Experience: Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation for 5+ years and readings for over 7+ years.

Alison is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a background in Psychology, Life Coaching, Mysticism, and Holistic Herbal Medicine. She attended The Southwest Healing Institute of Arts in Tempe, Arizona and graduated with her Clinical Hypnotherapy certificate in 2018. Alison facilitates hypnotherapy and guided meditation for people who are stressed, depressed, anxious, who are struggling with life, and more; to be more at ease, peaceful, and more relaxed. She helps people to find balance within mind, body, and spirit. Her techniques are practical, useful, and insightful. Alison will help you to achieve total freedom in any life area; to have a happy and fulfilling life. Alison provides the highest quality of personal care and will work with you tirelessly to discover the root causes of your issues to find a solution. She is very passionate about exceeding your expectations and loves to connect and guide people to realize their own innate inner healing power.

Available In Person or Via Phone


Alex Thor Is A Spiritual Psychic Teacher And Healer.

Alex Pays Testimony To Her Experience As A Clairsentient Clairvoyant Clairaudient

And Explains How Spiritual Communication Takes Place Helping Her Clients To Communicate With Spirit And Receive Messages For Themselves.

Tarot, Palmistry

Tarot Palmistry and Astrology with 1 Hour Readings

Tea Leaf Readings

Viking Runes

Viking Runes and Viking Astro Casting with 1 Hour Readings.


Reiki/ Crystal Therapies With Energy Balancing

15 Min $50.00

30 Min $90.00

45 Min $120.00

1 Hour $150.00